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Storm Scepter - Dustdevil

Storm Scepter - Elmsfire

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Storm Scepter

Uncountable centuries prior mortal lifeforms have existed the responsible gods of the weather tried to create suitable tools which allow them to bond their power to a physical object. The result were the three Storm Scepters. As the three scepters and their power to control the weather got lost the weather doesn´t follow it´s foreseen plan ever since. It´s the choice of the one who will find this ancient scepters what to do with this immense amount of power.

The nearly classical shape of this crystal styled fantasy scepter gives room for the power of high quality textures. Three different but also in a way similar styles have been created and they all have something for themself. The slightly glowing crystal structure which serves as the heart and soul of this game asset gives it a very mystical feeling. Framed by dark steel this soul is ready to unleash its powers on everybody how stands in the way of the scepter leader.

- Basic shape design, with focus on high surface Detail
-3 unique styles with complete texture set
-2 Animations for "Infight" as well as "out of fight" situation (floating crystals)
-Clean Mesh with mainly quads and without any Ngons at a total of 6000 triangles.
-7 textures at 4K Resolution (Emission Map inclusive).

Final words:
A lot of time and Passion has gone into this asset and it was tons of fun to produce.
We never stop learning and so every kind of constructive feedback is welcome.
Future projects are already in the pipeline and we hope you follow us along.

Cheers, to the worlds we create!

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